In the beginning mankind was a hunter and gatherer. There was always an alpha male who led the pack. If you are to look at evolution from the standpoint of all animals plants and microbes we find that genetic mutation thrives and moves forward based on the strongest male being able to mate particularly among mammals. For example I just watched a PBS special where two male Elk were hanging out together for the whole year until mating season. When mating season arrived and they came upon a large pack of female Elk they battled. The strongest one was able to stay and mate with his newly formed harem. This battle was fought with high energy, but neither of the male Elk were hurt. When mating season was over the dominant male returned to his friend who he had defeated in battle and they hung out for the rest of the year together with no hard feelings. They foraged for food and water and were together as “soul” or hunting mates till the next mating season. Imagine if human beings could be so magnanimous as the Elk in after losing battle for who was the dominant male in mating or in politics that they could resume their friendship after procreation.

Me & Social Media: I Feel a Bad Moon Rising — The Green Study

I have written many times over the years about eschewing social media, most notably, Twitter and Facebook. But it’s becoming a problem, because everybody and their grandmothers are on it, including businesses and writing groups and offline groups that I’m involved in. It’s become more of a pain in the ass to avoid it, than […]

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