Life is a series of choices

I have spent my intellectual life favoring science over religion. There are many intellectual and personal choice all human beings face. How about monogamy vs polygamy? Monotheism vs. polytheism seems to be as a choice a knockout punch in 2017 for monotheism. Are we now in this world of digital information overload headed for atheism and virtual reality sex ? The computer has beaten humans in chess and the 3d sex robots are getting better. Mind, body, and spirit the important spiritual triumvirate from my high school Gilman is all caught up in this ontological evolution of how our childhood and adolescent background can influence our moral and spiritual choices. I rebelled in high school and thought I had left this triumvirate in the dust. I embraced the spiritual essence of the 1960’s of tune in ,turn on, and drop out. However, the seeds planted in pre- adolescence can be hard to completely shed. Spinoza one of my favorite philosopher’s said “God is in nature”and nature’s triangulation is visually apparent. If you have ever experienced LSD or what the Buddhists call the “third eye” which is in western terms is the pineal gland you know what I am referring to. A deep connection with nature is really quite profound. This emotional expo of oneness is similar in the cognitive human brain to what is happening to humans when they experience religious epiphany. In the Abrahamic regions which came out of the mid eastern dessert 2000 years ago these religions offered this sense of connection. As man left the “primordial swamp”of Africa and traveled to the desserts of the Mid East he began to uncover meaning in a very robust and complex universe. Mohammed, Jesus, and Abraham helped to comfort and give order to their lives. Fast forward 2000 years

Technolgy is the current God economically and in terms of 7 billion humans being glued to their phone 24 /7. I say this tapping these words on my ” smart” phone . Now our moral and empirical search for truth face new challenges. If the kinesthetic and aesthetic sensations of sex robots exceeds the pleasure of real men and women having sex then are we doomed as a species. Sex with a robots in a godless universe oh my that does not sound good. Is this futuristic science fiction a possible choice for a movie starring physically beautiful men and women of high intelligence debating and sampling the real versus cyber sex. Who will win the battle for humankind’s last stand against technology overload? What are the real choices facing humanity? Astrological visions of other planets and theories of life being on earth in the sunken island of Atlantis is the closest we have come to communication outside the third planet from the Sun in our solar system. So if there is life beyond homo sapiens and the planet earth why are they hiding? Will these aliens from other planets take those of us who prefer real sex with our fellow humans over the ones favoring cyber sex with robots. Stay tuned in , turned on and ready to drop out.

God given talents

There is a New Testament Christian story about talents. In the story there are 3 sons

The son that used his talents to the best of his ability was the one that was rewarded by the father. I mention this as I contemplate my three children and what they have done with their talents. How have I rewarded them over the years has been mainly situational and based on what they needed to get at the time. However Blakely has certainly used her talents to the best. I have encouraged her to get a Master’s degree and am helping her to buy a house and to split the cost with her husband rather than continue renting. Blakely has been the most expensive of the three children; however she has responded to that by now getting a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and is willing to work hard to maximize her talents. The Christian bible story of rewarding your children who use their talents is allegorical and came to my mind today because I just gave money specifically $20 in a very very bad neighborhood to an older African American gentleman who was walking down the street on a 100゚ day. He was crippled with a huge limp and had severe arm spasms. I said to myself well now there is somebody I would give some money to because he is truly in need. I am so disgusted by all the young beggars out there begging for money when they are in perfectly good health. So instead of saying in my mind I would do something good I pulled my car over to the side in a very bad neighborhood and gave him some money. It turns out he was blind in one eye and didn’t know what I was giving him. After I explained to him he had a $20 bill in his hand he told me how his old girlfriend had hit him in the head with a large piece of wood and blinded him in one eye while she was trying to steal his money. Whether that story was true or not I don’t know but I have no reason to doubt it. He was walking on a sidewalk without begging on a 100゚ day. He reminded me of a time years ago when I was hitchhiking through Alaska and getting picked up by drivers without sticking my thumb out . I was showing to the drivers that I was willing to walk the distance to get where I was going if nobody would pick me up. This goes back to the story of talents we all have only so much going on in terms of our talent mentally or physically. Question is what do we do with that God-given talent and do we do our best or do we become beggars. And if we become beggars do we become beggars with class, dignity, and a sense of pride?