Colorado 2017 

Balancing the act between being a grandfather and someone who still at 65 once to climb mountains After 3 days Of traveling with Palmer Blake Rachel and Leslie I am now meeting my best friends from high school and we plan to climb a 14,000′ mountain One thing that stands in our way is that the monsoon season has hit Tomorrow we shall see as Colorado weather is impossible to predict the key to being happy here is to be flexible and enjoy spending time with great friends One of my favorite “is be here now by ram das After a beautiful day at the broadmore hotel which is in my opinion a slice of paradise almost beyond imagine I will be including pictures of this beautiful setting and luckily the sons was shining through out the day Now as I get set to go to the hotel the rain is pummeling the silver washboard next to our house It is amazing how weather and beautiful sunshine can affect our sense of Well-Being So tomorrow rain or shine I will remember ramdas and his words of wisdom be here now .